A Review of the Chefs Choice 130

20 Jan

A Review of the Chefs Choice 130



When buying a particular model of knife, the first thing that it should be properly checked for is the functional design. As most of the kitchens have an assortment of knives, it just makes realistic sense to have just one sharpener that is capable of handling essentially any type of knife. When it comes to Chefs Choice 130, it is certainly a kitchen lady�s choice. There are several amazing features of the product that makes it a wonderful choice. In this article, we will discuss about the essential product descriptions if the chef’s choice professional sharpening station model 130.



To begin with the chef’s choice professional sharpening station model 130 makes use of a SteelPro� technology that makes it efficient. It is known to sharpen both fine edge and serrated blades. The product easily sharpens steels or strops all company and types of steel knives such as the kitchen, Asian style, sports, and pocket knives. They are known to do their work in seconds. This fool-proof product is built-in high precision, and a user friendly angle guides.

The chef’s choice professional sharpening station model 130 usually involves the three important stages. In the first stage, the product uses 100% diamond abrasives to file the edge. In the stage two, it is a super hardened filing steel for a sharp edge; while the stage three is a stretchy stropping disk used to polish the edges. The product usually comes with a limited three year warranty, and is UL/ETL and Canadian approved. The price range for the items ranges from $130 to $175.

It is important to understand how the chef’s choice m130 performs. The 130 model is comparatively smaller in size and much quieter than expected, and was very unwavering during sharpening. When it says that the product is fast and easy to use, it actually means so. However, users must read the manual carefully before using it. This helps you to know how to proceed and which stage is most excellent for each task. We have reviewed and tested many types of steel kitchen and sporting knives with fine edges and serrated, but this one comes across as truly worth the price.

When it comes to the performance, it gives very satisfactory results to the users. The manual that comes with it explains all the details and elaborates the stages well. You can buy it online from the various websites and avail attractive discounts.

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