Don’t Judge a Knife by Its Cover

20 Jan

Don’t Judge a Knife by Its Cover



Five plus years ago, my elderly father came to live with me. My father was not only elderly but was attached to an oxygen machine and so his quality of life where entertainment was concerned was limited to doctors visits and television. Little did I know, at the time, my father was an HSN, QVC and Infomercial fanatic and to hear him say, many times, “I know a good deal when I see one” was something I got used to hearing as first this gadget, and then another, started appearing on the kitchen counter. In telling my six other sisters about his “gadget-ism” they were concerned about his budget as he lived well but his money was fixed by social security income.

As was my usual way, I would open the box and then find some way to use the gadget while he sat at the kitchen table watching my face and reaction to the newly acquired gadget. Most of the gadgets were for the kitchen…you know the kind: the spaghetti pot with built-in drainer, the eggs extractor, the slice and dicer. I didn’t need these gadgets but never told my father that and always expressed a heartfelt thank you.



I’m a cook. I love cooking, and in my opinion, a cook has to have two things in the kitchen: a good set of pots and pans and a really good set of knives. I take great pride in my Henckels and my six sisters, who are also cooks, take great pride in their knives as well which range from Chicago Cutlery to J. A. Henckels. Because my father taught us that every job needs the right tool to be done well and because we have no brothers, that philosophy translated into having the right knife in the kitchen. I always believed that the more expensive the knife the better the knife, the longer life of the knife, the sharper you could sharpen it. I’m sure there are others out there who would agree with that idea. How wrong that idea proved to be and I’m not sure if it was a commercial, or HSN, QVC or the Ron Popeil Infomercial that proved me wrong. I’ll never forget that day.

On the kitchen counter, opened and spread out was a delivery of knives and a couple of gadgets the variety and like I’ve never seen. My first thought was “Oh no, I’ve got my Henckels and here my father bought these stupid, cheap knives and I’m going to want to use them “only” because it makes my father happy.” I picked up a few of them and slid the paperboard covers off, commented and then in my usual manner started dinner but this time instead of pulling out my friend Henckel, I used a Six Star+ Cutlery knife.

To make a long story short, the Henckels are used but now only occasionally. There are times when you cannot judge a book by its cover and Ron Popeil’s Six Star+ Cutlery is a prime example of not judging. These knives are the best I’ve ever used and I’ll take a Six Star over any Henkel any time. Sharp and staying sharp is extraordinary – those paperboard sleeves are there for a reason – I did remove them and after I cut my finger just going into the drawer to retrieve one I put them all back on. The variety of knives included in the 25-piece set makes for having just the right knife for the job. I don’t sell for Ron Popeil even though they have an affiliate program off their web site. I’m just a new fan and never again will I giggle at Mr. Popeil should I be awake in the wee hours of the morning watching television. My father paid $39.99 for the set and in the words of my father: “I know a good deal when I see one.”

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