Enjoy the Longevity and Quality of a Henckels Knife Set

20 Jan

Enjoy the Longevity and Quality of a Henckels Knife Set

Henckels Knife Set

Henckels Knife Set

Recognizing a good kitchen knife is easy when you have the proper information to help you with your search. Buying a brand that is known to produce high quality products will ensure that your knives will perform beautifully and last a lifetime. Henckels is a brand that has been manufacturing kitchenware for well over two centuries. They have become a very well known brand, and customers all over the world have been more than satisfied with the products they have bought. Users of these knives are always eager to recommend them to others.

Henckels Knife Set

Henckels Knife Set

Investing in a really great, complete set of knives is important for both professional chefs and kitchen enthusiasts alike. Even if you don’t cook all that often, having a basic set of knives is important. Deciding to buy a Henckels knife set presents a wide range of quality products, starting from a very basic starter set to a complete range of knives. They also offer specialty knife sets that perform specific jobs, like carving or steak knives.

Some of the qualities that make Henckels knives such a great investment are details that you should look for when purchasing any high end kitchen knives. They use patented SIGMAFORGE construction, with one-piece blades that are laser cut for precision and structure. Ergonomic handles provide comfort. A full tang ensures the strength and longevity of the knife. They are happy to provide a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that their products are free from manufacturer defects.

A very popular set is the 18-Piece Knife Set with Block. It includes sixteen kitchen knives-both basic and specialty-a pair of kitchen shears, and a walnut storage block. These knives are forged from high-carbon, no-stain steel, which is an important quality when it comes to really well made knives. They also feature extremely durable, comfortable triple riveted handles. The patented Friodur ice hardening method ensures blade strength and more resistance to staining and chipping. This set can be found online for a little over half the suggested retail price.

Another popular Henckels knife set is the Classic 7-Piece Block Set. This is a very good starter set for someone who needs just the basics and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money at once. This set includes a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a Santoku knife, a chef’s knife, kitchen shears, a hardwood storage block, and a honing steel. This set can also be found on the Internet for much less than the suggested price.

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