Chef Knife Comparisons

22 Jan
Chef Knife Comparisons

Chef Knife Comparisons

If you are looking for new kitchen knife set, it is important to be acquaintance with certain basics like materials used for blades, design etc.

Blade is the main part of a knife and they are made of variety of materials including ceramic, titanium, Molybdenum, Vanadium and stainless steel. Even plastic knives are available. Stainless steel is the most common material. However, low carbon stainless steel blades are prone to rust and discoloration. It is primarily used in cheaper sets. However, high carbon stainless steel never rust, corrode and is tough.

Ceramic blades are extremely sharp, easy to clean, rust proof and non-reactive. Ceramic blades made from a micro powder. The disadvantage of ceramic blade chef’s knives is that they are more fragile. Titanium, Molybdenum and vanadium knives are long lasting. Global knives are made of such materials and so they are long lasting.

Chef Knife Comparisons

Chef Knife Comparisons

Handle material is another factor to consider. Wooden handles have a tendency to rot or corrode. So, mica or titanium handles are best for durability and strength. Weight of the knife is another important factor. However, it is up to the preference of the user. Some people prefer heavier knife while some like lighter knives.

Design plays vital role in choosing your chef’s knife. Knives are of three types – blocked knife, forgedknife or sintered one.

Blocked knives don’t have bolsters and have same thickness. By cutting the blade from single sheet and adding handles, these knives are made. The disadvantage of such knives is that they don’t provide the balance like knives that are forged. Forged have heavy bolsters. They are expensive but long lasting and comfortable. Sinters have a separate blade that fuse with separate tang. They are less expensive and durable.

For precision cutting Japanese Knife set is an absolute pick. Global knives offer complete selection of cutlery. Eastern style knives such as Global knives have flat blades with tubular handles. For traditional heft, western knives are perfect. Full forged knives offer balance and a heft. German knives like Wusthof, Henkel are popular western cutlery makers.

If you want to get a bang for your buck look for knife sets or buy a knife block. Knife block by global is a great choice as it comes with versatile cutlery types. Chef knife Comparison online helps to save money.

Japanese cutlery is a best option for you when you are looking for best kitchen knives. To know more about these knives visit the global knife site.

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