What Are the Best Kitchen Knives

22 Jan
Global knives

Global knives

Choosing the best kitchen knife set is a daunting process. One should not go too cheap as quality is the main factor when choosing kitchen knife set. Everyone wants to have top notch sets like Global knives. Since, knives are used every day, it is important to go for one that is convenient, durable and safe. So, one should not compromise with quality and should look for long last kitchen knives. Look for knives that have comfortable handle. It is wise to go for an entire set. A Japanese knife set consists of each piece for a specific purpose. Some decorating knives are also included.Global knives are known for their beauty, elegance, ease of use and performance.

Global knives

Global knives

Knives are of three categories Eastern style knives, Western style knives and Japanese knives. Eastern style knives are best to slice and chop.For preparing stews, this is an ideal choice. Eastern knives are made from harder steel. They are thinner so they are weightless. They will be sharper however, it needs good maintenance.

Western knives are heavier and are best for hard material chopping needs. Western style knives are easy to maintain. They are thicker with most obtuse angles. They are sturdier but less sharp and are good for chopping.

Japanese cutlery is constructed out of the best steel materials. Japanese chef knife is light, easy to use and comes in a length of 180mm with 1.5mm thick blade and weighs 55gm. Santoku knife is an all-purpose knife that enable to cut, slice, dice and mince up ingredients. Single side of the blade edge is sharp. For sharp, precise chopping needs Japanese cutlery is a great choice.

If you are on a budget, make sure to buy as per your cuisine needs. If you will be doing a lot of cutting thin slices, decorative slices, Eastern style knives are best for you.

If you need quick performance and less maintenance one, go for western style knives. For sharp, precise chopping needs Japanese cutlery is a great choice. Global knives offer sharpness, durability, strength, balance.

Keep your knives sharp. Wash and dry them by hand and not in the dishwasher. If you look after correctly, they will last you a lifetime.

Knife block by global is a best option for you when you are looking for best kitchen knives. Know more about these at globalknife.co.

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