Grohmann Knives

24 Jan




Grohmann Knives have been favored by hunters and chefs alike for nearly half a century. At Grohmann, making knives is much more than a business. It is an obsession for producing the world’s finest hand-crafted knives. The result of this obsession is that Grohmann’s masterpieces have even found a place at New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art. They have achieved global recognition with over 25 international honors till now.History of Grohmann Knives

The world-renowned Grohmann Knives Limited originated from a Canadian garage workshop over sixty years ago. What began as a single-minded passion of one man, Rudolph Grohmann, is today a globally admired brand that enjoys the trust of thousands of customers who value world-class quality.

Today Grohmann Knives is run by the new generation of Grohmanns, Michael Jr. and his daughter Michelle, along with a team of 25 quality-obsessed employees. Grohmann provides free factory tours to visitors at its plant in Nova Scotia. The factory is the pride and a symbol of the legacy of the Grohmann family.



Grohmann Line of Products

At Grohmann Knives, each knife is treated as a work of art. Every single piece goes through as many as 53 production stages between the starting point and the final product. With the passage of time, Grohmann Knives has added some truly amazing Canadian outdoor knives to its award-winning collection. Six lines of kitchen knives, along with many new hand-crafted as well as machine-made knives are a part of the production line now. Grohmann caters to the needs of every type of customer with different grades of quality and different prices. However, the basic commitment to precision and perfection runs through every product.

Grohmann Kitchen Knives

Grohmann Kitchen Knives are produced with very superior quality of hi-carbon stainless steel. The knives come in different designs and varying degrees of thickness to match the needs of different users. Every kitchen knife blade is heat treated to give it a hardness of 54-56 Rockwell C. This degree of hardness ensures that the sharpness of the blade’s edge is very strong, and has a long life.

Grohmann Outdoor Knives

Grohmann is the original maker of D.H. Russell Belt Knives for over five decades. Cheap imitations of this knife abound, but customers with a discerning eye for quality know the difference between an original and a copy. True knife connoisseurs, private collectors of classic products, and real sports enthusiasts are the proud owners of D.H. Russell Belt Knives. There are other outdoor knives also produced by Grohmann that are designed for those who survive the harsh Canadian and other challenging outdoors.

Grohmann Quality Sheaths

All Grohmann sheaths are hand-crafted in pure leather, using 6 to 8 oz. steerhide that is glued, stitched and riveted to ensure great resilience and a very long life. Every sheath is oiled, tanned and polished by hand till it achieves the perfect finish.

Free Knife Sharpening Clinics

The relationship between Grohmann and its customers does not end with the sale of a knife. Grohmann provides lifetime free sharpening at its clinics for all its knives. If the customer wants a knife sharpened at any time other than the clinic, Grohmann is glad to provide the service at a nominal charge.

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