An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

30 Jan
An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

When it comes to storing Chef knives there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration. If you fail to store your knives properly, you will end up with blunt and useless pieces of metal.The first tip is… don’t just stuff a sharp chefs knife in to your kitchen draw. They are SHARP!!! If you forget it’s in there and go to grab something next to it, you could end up cutting yourself pretty bad. If you do need to keep them in your draw, use a knife sleeve. These protective casings keep your knives safe, and you will store them safely in your kitchen draws.

An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

Knife cases are great if you need to travel with your knives, as they ensure that the blades don’t move around and stay well protected. Professional chefs often use a knife wrap or a chef knife roll to have their blades safe.

Chef knife blocks are an easy way to store your sharpest knives. Blocks don’t touch the blade, and all the weight and pressure is placed upon the knife handle. Make sure your knives fit perfectly into the block, or chef knife box, and they’re clean and dry before you put them away.

An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

An Overview On Chef Knife Storage

A magnetic knife rack or magnetic knife strip both work equally well, but the blades often remain exposed with this chef knife storage option. It’s best to avoid this knife storage solution for those who have small children running around your kitchen.

For safety and to prolong the lives of all your kitchen knives, you should have a plan for storing any knives or knife sets you buy. Sometimes the decision is made for you as in a case where the set you buy has a block or if you’re in a situation where you have no available drawer space but plenty of room on your counter top. Ultimately, several factors will contribute to determining the manner in which you store your knives. Your budget, your available space, the number of knives you have.

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