Innovatively designed, professional kitchen knives from Itamae

30 Jan
Professional kitchen knives

Professional kitchen knives

Any workman is only as good as his tools no matter what the trade this is particularly important in the kitchen. Kitchen knives can be very dangerous and any chef whether professional or at home will agree a great set of kitchen knives is vital not only for safety but also to get the job done accurately. Itamae are an innovative company located in Pietersbury South Africa specialising in the manufacture of high quality kitchen knives. The kitchen knives were originally designed for use by professional chefs but with so many of us creating our own master pieces at home the Itamae sets have become just as popular in the domestic market. The revolutionary design means that the blade in all of the knives including the carving knife is folded 33 times giving 67 layers of VG-10 steel which is the same manufacturing as the Samurai sword! The kitchen knives are made of a combination of light weight steel and carbon which gives fantastic handling qualities and helps with accuracy and balance and makes the kitchen knives very easy to use.

Professional kitchen knives

Professional kitchen knives

We have a wide variety of the superb knives covering everything from the chef knife, cleaver, boning and carving knife. We have found that the carving knife is one of the most popular products as even if your domestic and cooking capabilities are limited it really is essential for every home to have a great carving knife, what else would you use for your Sunday roast? We can also supply both the starter knife kit and the full chef kit complete with a special bag to optimise safety and keep your knives in perfect working order. Contact us today to view our complete range and order in confidence backed up by a full and water tight warranty.

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