How to choose a dive knife

6 Feb
How to choose a dive knife

How to choose a dive knife

Choosing a dive knife from literally hundreds of different dive knives has to be impossible? Doesn’t it?

How can you possibly choose one dive knife from so many?

The answer depends on they type of diving you plan to do most often, however there are certain features that distinguish dive knives from one another. Those features are size, shape, and alloy.

How to choose a dive knife

How to choose a dive knife

Some knives come only with straps, others with everything you can imagine. If you only intend to strap it onto your leg, then don’t get a dive knife with hose attachments! If you are unsure, then go for a dive knife with many options; the T-Rex knife (from Lumb Brothers) is a particularly good option.

How to choose a dive knife

How to choose a dive knife

When deciding where to put your dive knife decide whether you can reach the dive knife – strapping your knife onto your leg is notorious for being difficult to reach. Another common place is on your arm – note that if one arm gets snagged you’d better hope its not the one you need!

Depending on the types of chores you expect to perform with the knives or on the types of animals you expect to meet in your underwater trips, the diving knife you choose can have various options and characteristics. Here are some recommended features:

How to choose a dive knife

How to choose a dive knife

Try to buy a knife that already has a retainer sheath – in order for the knife to be placed safely upon your body, without restricting your movements.

Depending on what you intend to do in your scuba diving trips, you may need to slice, but you may also need to saw. You may try a knife that can do both – that has both a serrated and a smooth edge.

It is recommended to choose a knife that has an edge made from a metal that is harder than steel. It is harder to lose. If you buy a knife that has a metal handle butt, it can also be used as a hammer, if necessary.

If you intend to explore ship wrecks, buy a Z knife – a hook with a blade, basically – they are suited to cut fine lines. If you intend to dive a lot, a titanium knife will guarantee no rust, so may save you the trouble of changing the knife frequently.

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