Home or Pro Chef – Love The Wutshof Classic Knife Set

7 Feb
Home or Pro Chef - Love The Wutshof Classic Knife Set

Home or Pro Chef – Love The Wutshof Classic Knife Set

You may you may be able to purchase kitchen knives just about anywhere these days however if you are in the market for top-of-the-line kitchen cutlery sets you owe it to yourself to take a good look at the Wusthof Classic Knife set. Wusthof is a company that has been used by professionals as well as everyday cooks since 1814. They are family operated company that has handed down their business through seven generations and are still producing top-of-the-line Wusthof cutlery sets.

This company produces their amazing world renown cutlery in the country of Solingen, Germany where they have two factories located that are not only managed in the strictest of standards but are also environmentally friendly. Wusthof knives are hand made from a single piece of stainless high carbon steel which gives them extra strength and increases the longevity of the sharpness of the blade. This allows owners of these knives to be able to use them for longer periods of time without having to go back and sharpen them as frequently as other knives.

Home or Pro Chef - Love The Wutshof Classic Knife Set

Home or Pro Chef – Love The Wutshof Classic Knife Set

The Wusthof classic knife set is known throughout the industry as the Cadillac of kitchen knife sets. They have the right weight, an excellent blade and a balance to them that makes them a comfortable choice throughout the industry. Chefs and home cooks across the world love the precision shopping, slicing and dicing that be can be accomplished with his knife. The handles are ergonomically designed, are slip resistant and most people find them to be very comfortable.

If you are a new owner of Wusthof kitchen knives you should know that these knives must be taken care of. You should never placed them in the dishwasher, although they say dishwasher safe, they should be hand washed at all times. Storage of these knives should be in a knife sleeve or knife block in order to help preserve the high-quality blade that is a part of this classic knife. If you decide that this is the knife set for you then you can rest assured that you have purchased a quality cutlery set and all Wusthof classic knives come with a lifetime unlimited warranty giving you assurance that you have a well manufactured top-of-the-line product.

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